Stories of inverted airplanes on postage stamps, early 19th century operations at post offices in Massachusetts, collections documenting U. S. overseas territories and brand new items to collect. What new items? One member recently purchased a binder full of brand labels stuck on watermelons! It was surprisingly colorful and interesting.

Thursday was Show and Tell night at the Monterey County Stamp Club, St. Ansgar's Lutheran Church, 72 E. San Joaquin St., Salinas. Enthusiasm for all things stamp-related, that would be philatelic, was on a cheerful high.

Peter Calvert, vice president, spoke about his setting a goal of having amassed a complete set of envelopes postmarked on the very first day of issue of German stamps from the 20s and 30s. The collection and the rapidly escalating cost of postage will be a testament to runaway inflation. "United States postage during this same period was 3 cents," he said. Calvert set a goal of having his collection completed by the end of this year. He only needs four more and they're currently elusive.

Knowledgeable members also shared advice with visitors who had inherited a stamp collection and were curious about what they now owned. A list of ideas was quickly generated: where to go, whose opinion to trust, which books were reliable, and what the likely outcome would be.

There's usually a raffle at every meeting and visitors even get a free raffle ticket. The Club meets every fourth Thursday of the month. Next meeting takes place Sept. 28 and includes a silent auction. The Club is anxious to attract new members and get them excited about collecting.

For more information, contact Mike Griffith president, at 831-905-2125. 


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